Thursday, December 29, 2016

History of Geengee Railway Station 1886-1961

History of Geengee Railway Water Station (1886-1961)  Information c/- From Tall Timbers - the Folk History of Crows Nest Shire.

Hand Drawn Map of the Toowoomba to Crows Nest Railway Line, featuring Geengee Station. (Photo thanks to From Tall Timbers Book)
Branch Lines Reminiscence by Darling Downs Poet, Percy Plant.  Poem features the water-refilling at Geengee Station.

History of the Crows Nest Railway Line

A little background about the incompatible waters of the Geengee and Crows Nest Stations for the steam trains.

Book Cover - From Tall Timbers.

1945 Aerial Photo Geengee Water Reserve

Geengee Water Reserve was a water refilling station for the Toowoomba to Crows Nest Railway Line.  Geengee was one of the water sources for the Crows Nest (steam) trains before the line closed in 1961. The old line is clearly visible in the 1945 air photo below.  Photo thanks to Dougal Johnston.

1945 Aerial Map of Kleinton/Cabarlah. Showing Geengee Water Reserve, Borneo Barracks, Braziers Brickworks, Clayware Brickworks, Charmaine Court Scrub and the Kleinton State School (now Amaroo Environmental Educational Centre) in the very top left hand corner.  Photo thanks to Dougal Johnston.